Train for a Career In Google AdWords Pay Per Click in a Leading AdWords Agency Based in Leicester

Anicca is looking to train our next generation of AdWords Account Managers to join our digital agency based in the heart of Leicester city.  We are currently in the top 5 Google AdWords agencies outside of London and with your help we can reach our target of being in the Top 10 AdWords Agencies in the UK by May 2013!

We are looking for 3 possible new PPC marketing executives to join us in February next year.  There are 3 ways you can join the trainee program:

  • AdWords Apprentice – aged 18-24 – starting salary of £12k.  You may have studied for A levels or a degree but not got the results you expected, or you may have ended up in completely the wrong job. You now want to make a new start in an exciting and challenging role in a fast moving agency. You will also be given the opportunity to study on day-release for Level 3 in Marketing through our partnership with Pearson In Practice.
  • Graduate placement program - starting salary £15k. Ideal for marketing, business, science, maths or other numerate degrees. You will be looking for a long term career in a dynamic digital agency and have an passion for the Internet  and business.  You must be highly analytical and love numbers! Depending on your degree you are also encouraged to study day release for the Level 3 marketing course.
  • Career swap or PPC novice – starting salary £12-£15k depending on your qualifications and experience. You will already have had a few jobs - perhaps you are being made redundant or want a career change. We are also interested in any applicants that have some experience of PPC and would like to make it their profession. If you are aged 18 -24 then you can also join the apprenticeship scheme and take advantage of the free training course.

This is a fast track program – with performance reviews every 3 months, regular pay rises and promotions leading to Senior Account Executive within 9-18 months and Account Manager within 18-24 months.  We are also looking for people who want a long term career with us, so you need to live or want to stay in Leicester.

So to ensure we get the right candidates we have developed a unique selection process..

The selection process!

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity you will need to go through our rigorous selection process:

1) Graduate trainees and career swaps – please complete our online Application formand if you like you can send your CV to

2) Apprentices – will need to apply through Pearson in Practice. Email us your details and we will forward them on. Pearson will carryout initial screening and interviews. If you are successful you will join the selection process below.

3) We will give you an initial phone interview and if successful face to face interview in 2nd or 3rd week of January.

4) 6-8 candidates will be invited to attend the 2 week AdWords BootCamp at our offices in Leicester (4-8th and 11-15th Feb). You will receive 2 weeks of intensive class room and hands-on training, plus practical assessments. This culminates in you taking your Google AdWords Fundamentals exam and a final selection interview.  See more details below.

5) 3 or 4 candidates will be offered the position of trainee PPC marketing executive and will start their new job on 1st March, if they are up to our professional standards.

AdWords BootCamp – 2 week training course and trainee selection process

This BootCamp is an extensive mixture of taught classroom sessions and practical workshops. Our MD Ann Stanley, is an experienced lecturer on PPC and will lead the classroom sessions. For the practical sessions you and another candidate will be teamed up with one of the account or senior account managers (who will eventually be your day to day boss).

Day 1 – introduction to pay per click – Google AdWords, MSN adCenter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Day 2 – setting up your first Google AdWords campaign, opening your account and understanding the dashboard

Day 3 – keyphrase research and creating multiple campaigns – mix of taught and practical sessions working within teams, introduction to quality score

Day 4 – understanding the principles of Quality Score and how to optimise and manage your account – reviewing and optimising existing accounts

Day 5 – conversion tracking and understanding Analytics

Day 6 – advanced AdWords techniques, including ad extensions, remarketing, product listing ads, display ads

Day 7/8 – revision for Google AdWords Fundamental exams, interlaced with practical examples, Q & A, take the Google online exam (2 hours multiple-choice)

Day 9 –  in the morning prepare presentations on how you would use PPC for an example company, with presentation to the group in the afternoon

Day 10 – final 1-2-1 interviews (morning), followed by lunch, prizes and offers of placement.

NOTE: You will have to make your own way to our office everyday, so you will need to live in or within commuting distance of Leicester. You will be provided with refreshments during the day. Ideally, you will need to  bring your own laptop to enable you to study on your own screen, otherwise you will have to share with your training buddy.

The first year on the job

  • Each candidate will be paired with one of the existing account or senior account managers. They will act as your supervisor and mentor. They will provide practical hands-on training and you will work on the PPC accounts that they manage. You will learn all the tasks and techniques required to set-up and manage PPC accounts across Google, MSN/Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • In addition to PPC techniques, you will also learn other ecommerce marketing techniques and display advertising.  The trainees will take day-to-day responsibility for running The Lovely Rug Company ecommerce website, and our eBay and Amazon shops. This will include promoting the websites/shops, handling orders, dealing with suppliers/customers and managing the accounts for the business.
  • If applicable you will be offered the chance to study on the Level 3 Marketing course, this is likely to be a 2 week block release followed by day release (one day a week).
  • The first performance reviews will be after 3 and 6 months, during this period we would have expected you to have also studied and passed your Google AdWords Advanced search exams.  On completing the Advanced exam you will receive a £1000 pay rise. You can take additional Google exams and there will be other performance pay rises periodically during the first year – with the opportunity to increase your salary by up to £3k.
  • Depending on the speed of your progress and how hard you work; you can earn promotion to Senior Account Executive between 9-18 months, and Account Manager between 18-24 months.
  • Your long term career progression will then be Senior Account Manager and Account Director. You may also decide to move into client account management – for example, if you have more rounded marketing and customer communication skills. However this does involve having a broader technical knowledge of search engine optimisation, other digital marketing techniques and web development.


Is AdWords right for You?

If you are passionate about the Internet, marketing and business then you will fit well into our agency. However PPC is generally a bit more geeky and techie. It is highly analytical and if you are good at spreadsheets and numbers you will love AdWords and PPC. If you are very creative or spend a lot of time blogging then you would probably not enjoy this type of work. If you already buy and sell on eBay you may also have the right skills or if you considered a career in  banking, accounting or business then you may do well?

Finally you need to have a commercial or business brain – we use Clients’ hard-earned money to try and make the maximum return on their investment. So you need to understand offers, ads and marketing in order to help get their ads attention, clicks and conversions!

Any Questions?

Please feel free to call us (0116 298 7496) or email any of the team – we would love to hear from you?

Ann Stanley – MD –

Gurpreet Bassi – Head of PPC team –

Darren Wynn – Senior Account Manager –

Ed Truman –  Senior Account Manager –

Franklin Broni-Mensah - Account Manager –

Dawn Clode – HR –


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