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Anicca Digital - Our Philosophy

Anicca Digital Ltd was formed as a web development company in 2004 with the aim of producing websites that are well designed and easy for the customer to maintain. Our expertise is not only in producing a website that is easy to update, but also ensuring your customers can find you easily and quickly in search engines such as Google.

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PPC Explained By Anicca Digital on BBC's Working Lunch

What does Anicca Digital do?

Anicca are marketing experts...

We have many years experience in online marketing and search engine optimisation and we were one of the first Google™ AdWords Certified Partners in the UK. We provide courses and workshops on a range of online marketing subjects using tutors who are all Google AdWords Professionals. We are the premier pay per click agency in the East Midlands, our team manage over 20 Google AdWords and PPC accounts. We offer fixed monthly fees and we are so confident we can even offer guaranteed savings in your cost per click and/or cost per conversion.

Anicca our approved suppliers...

We are approved by EMDA and Business Link as an East Midlands Accredited Supplier and can often help with getting a grant for website development projects and marketing consultancy.

Anicca our experts at web development...

We have been developing websites for many years and have produced our own highly flexible platform which enables us to produce websites which can meet any customers needs. We believe every aspect of the website should be controlled by a management system which gives the customer the ability to manage the website themselves

Anicca provide a range of services

We work with a range of businesses and other agencies providing search engine friendly websites that you control. Alongside the development of your website, we can support you by helping you market your products or services through with a range on online marketing strategies, including:

What does Anicca mean?

The word Anicca is central to Buddhist teaching: the idea that all things are impermanent, in short things change. We believe that your website will also be constantly changing, and you will need a content management system or 'CMS' that enables you to update your own site as simply and as quickly as possible regardless of where you are or what time it is.

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